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It always has been a project rooted in our passion for vehicles. Our main focus is to provide our customers overseas with the best used cars from Japan. This mindset of quality, exprience and passion for what we do, has allowed us to have a consistent growth as a company througout the years. 


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How do I get access to the Auctions?

It´s very simple. Just click on the Auction section and log in following the steps. It won´t take you more than 1 minute to register with us, and that will give you full access to see all the vehicles going on auction in Japan.


Can I make the Payments in USD?

Yes. In fact, we only invoice in USD as it makes international transactions easier for our customers overseas.


How can I start bidding on cars? 

We require you to put down a Security Deposit. The amount of that deposit varies depending on the price of the car you would like to purchase. As a general rule, we ask for at least 1,000 USD.

The Security Deposit is fully refundable if you change your mind, and no car was purchased for you. No questions ask.


All the information about the cars is in Japanese... 

Right. All the cars going on auction have an inspection sheet that contains information about car condition, auction degree, extras and so on. Once you have selected the cars you like, we will translate for you that inspection sheet in English or Spanish.


Once I have won a car at the auctions, what is the next step?

Once you have won a car, we will proceed with the invoice. We kindly ask our customers to clear the balance of the issued invoice in max 7 days after it´s issue date.

Important: Arrange all the export document and get the cars at the port, average takes two weeks time.



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